FBR Karenni Relief Team Report
October 19, 2004
Karenni State, Burma
19 October, 2004

Karenni grandmother shot in the leg by the Burma Army. September 2004
Mother and sister of karenni villager killed by Burma Army 28/9/04

IDP Situation: 

On October 1, the Burma Army started clearing the area South of Mawchi, Karenni State.

On September15 they had called all the village headmen and pastors for a meeting in Mawchi at Saya Daw temple.  In the meeting, they told them that from Oct. 16 on, all villagers would have to move to relocation sites.  None of the villagers wanted to move, so they are now hiding in the forest. Villagers who remained in their villages are prepared to flee into the jungle rather than go to the relocation sites.

Human Rights Abuses:

Forced relocation: The Burma Army commanded that after 1 Oct all people must move to the relocation sites.

Stealing: While in the villages giving these orders the troop stole pigs, chickens and ducks without paying for them.

Forced Labor: Villagers were forced to porter for the Burma Army on their way.


Our FBR team, during the mission, interviewed some villagers on Sept. 28, 2004, while the Karenni soldiers and Burma Army were fighting.  We also interviewed one woman (Naw Paw Paw*)
*names changed for security.

Burma Army activities:

Four Burma Army battalions are patrolling.  On October 1, they started north of Mawchi with two battalions, and south of Mawchi with two battalions.  One battalion north of Mawchi (LIB 35) is led by commander Yin Moo Aung and second commander Aung Naing Swe.  The second battalion (LIB 428) is led by commander Way Linn Aung.

South of Mawchi, one battalion (LIB 134) is led by commander Myint Swe.  The second battalion (LIB 428) is led by an unknown commander.  At the time of the mission they remained in the Mawchi area, but were to move on October 16 into the Karen and Karenni areas.


All of the villagers hiding in the jungle are becoming sick. There is no medicine, so it is becoming very difficult to stay.  During the coming winter months they will not have enough warm clothing.  They need food, clothing, and medicine.


Name: Naw Paw Paw*
Age: 45
Nationality: Karen
Address: Gaw Kah Doh Koh village, No 1 town
Marital Status: yes, with 4 children

    “28/9/04 at 7:00 am, while my husband and I are on our farm, the Burma Army LIB (428) and KNSO led by commander Yee Aung Oo with about 40 soldiers came to the hut and forced my husband to reveal village hiding places.  In the Nu Thu Kee area in Gah Zee Kee village (N-97′ 14′ 55”, E- 18′ 38′ 40”) in the morning at 10:55 the Burma Army were shooting our son Soe Pah, 20 years old, in our hut.  They shot him to death. Naw Daw*, over 90 years was also shot, and the bullet is in her thigh.  Another daughter of mine and 3 children were in the hut as well.  They are all safe and I thank God for that.  We are still afraid.

Burma Army soldiers took my son’s ring, watch, and money. Myhusband is still with them.  We don’t know how he is or where heis.  The Burma Army and KNSO gave us a very hard problem.  Idon’t know what to do.  If possible, my brother is in a Karennirefugee, please take us to my brother.”

Date of Interview:  8/10/04