FBR REPORT: Murder and Human Rights Violations in Muthraw, Toungoo and Thaton Districts by the Burma Army, SPDC
Karen State, Burma
30 December, 2003

This report covers the murder of one civilian by the Burma Army and the Burma Army’s continuing abuse of villagers in these two districts.

Human Rights Violations in Muthraw District:

12 Dec- Major Mg Lin, Commander of Burma Army LIB No. (36) based in Three-Mountain Camp, sent for the village headmen of Htee Tha Plu Hta, Taw Mae Hta, Baw Tho Hta, Wah Tho Kala, Htee Law Thee Hta, No Kaw, Ka Pee Kee, Phway Htaw Ro, No Lar Htee Sau Mae, Pha Loe, Taw Thu Kala, Htee The Lay, Pha Loe Do, Phway Sei Hta and instructed the villagers to build a long ditch along side with the motor road linking between Pha Poung and Kuu Saek. The villagers were also instructed to build military installations for the soldiers from this unit. The commander also told the villagers that he could pay 1000.00 kyat (Burmese currency) for one hundred thatching for roofing (the real worth of one hundred thatching is 2000.00 kyat). The thatching is to be used for the roofing of the military buildings. The villagers were also ordered to bring all the thatch from their villages to the army base. The villagers were also told that the presence of the army is to build peace. So, ‘no gun-shots and no explosions on the road’ must occur. The villagers are to be responsible for any damage that occurs to Burma Army equipment.

23 Dec- Troops from LIB No. (534) led by Captain Hla Win of the Burma Army entered Ka Law Hta village, Mae Ka Law village track and forcibly took the following items from the villagers:

1. 47 chickens
2. Six knives
3. One fishing net
4. One umbrella
5. Five white plastic sacks
6. Two roofing plastic sheets
7. Six thousand kyat ( Burmese currency), and
8. Three kilos of chilies. The troops also taxed the family 1000.00 kyat for one ball and cap musket, used for hunting.

Human Rights Violations in Toungoo District Karen State:

17 Dec- At 1830 hrs, troops from LIB No. (509) of 55th Division of the Burma Army led by battalion commander Nyunt Win entered Sho Kho village, Daw Phra Kho township, and arrested three villagers.The troops also killed Saw Paw Paw, aged 47, father’s name was Pha Ah. The situation of Saw Maw Ni, aged 18, father’s name is Saw Pha Thuu, and Saw O Bwee, aged 18, father’s name is Saw Maw Gi, are still unknown. They are missing. 509 also took the following from the villagers.

 Name of villagers and value of properties
1. Saw Pu Luu 46500.00 kyat
2. Saw Kla Du 3500.00 kyat
3. Saw Htoo Kleh 68000.00 kyat
4. Saw Tha Paw 45000.00 kyat
5. Naw Gyar Nee 149450.00 kyat
6. Saw Pha Pa Yaw 22900.00 kyat
7. Saw Ka Lu Paw 17200.00 kyat
8. Saw Ah Ne 18000.00 kyat

18 Dec- LIB 509 entered Pwee Kee village and looted and destroyed villagers’ belongings. The value of the looted and destroyed items and the owners are listed below:

Name of Villagers and value of properties
1. Saw Pa Yaw Pwa 64000.00 kyat
2. Saw Mar The 7500.00 kyat
3. Saw Pha Ro Me 15000.00 kyat
4. Saw Moo Di 122000.00 kyat
5. Saw Pha Kale 21100.00 kyat
6. Saw Nay Htoo 31000.00 kyat

26 Dec- Troops from LIB No. (264) of the Burma Army led by Thant Zin U entered Khu Thay De village and forcibly took ten villagers as porters. The troops took three more villagers when they arrived in Saba Law Kee village. The troops took two headmen when they arrived in Leh Gi Kho De village. Saw Kwar Lar, headmen of Khu Thay De village, was tied up as he was being taken.

Human Rights Violations in Thaton District:

Dec 24- Burma Army troops from Column 66, LIB 80, arrested and tortured one villager after the Karen New Year celebrations in Joun Wine village.

Dec 26- Burma Army column 66, LIB 80, entered Tha Oo Kee village. KNLA troops saw them but did not engage. The Burma Army fired on the KNLA with mortors and machineguns and one KNLA troop was wounded.

Fighting betwen the Burma Army and KNLA:

In spite of the unofficial cease-fire, fighting continues in the Karen State. This is due to ongoing Burma Army attacks on Karen civilians and their property and aggressive patrolling and road construction by the Burma Army.

Muthraw District:

22 Dec- Combination troops of KNLA and KNDO engaged Burma Army troops (unit number was not available). Two Burma Army soldiers were killed and four others were wounded.

25 Dec- A tractor, belonged to the Burma Army, was destroyed by a land mine placed by the KNLA.

Toungoo District:

23 Dec- The KNLA engaged LIB No. (26) of the Burma Army in Ta Kwee Soe. One Burmese soldier was killed.

25 Dec- The KNLA engaged LIB No. (39) of the Burma Army in the same area. Two Burmese soldiers were wounded.