FBR Report: A Call to Intercession and Action
The people of Burma are in dire need of our immediate support and intervention
Karen State, Burma
1 June, 2003

Here is a message from a relief team leader after a mission to the internally displaced people (IDPs) of Burma, during May- June, 2003. It is an eyewitness report from the ground and a call to prayer, thought and action. 

“As we were treating IDPs in Karen state at a recently burned village, deeper inside Burma Aung San Suu Kyi had just been arrested and many of her supporters murdered. Ethnic or Burman, no one is safe from the terror of the dictators of Burma.  We have helped to treat and pray for women who have been raped by soldiers of the Burma Army, children who were shot, parents who saw their children thrown into a fire and many others who have endured evil. They screamed for help but no one came to save them.

The world knows these things are happening. In this world actions fall into two categories, acceptable and unacceptable. Raping little girls, murder and burning villages is unacceptable. If these things are truly unacceptable what must we do as individuals and nations?
Now is the time that all people must choose where they stand, with the people of Burma or with thedictators.
In the face of evil we will not flee, we will act with love, with prayer and with our lives. God bless you,”

A Free Burma Ranger