The Story of Heh Kuh

Heh Kuh was from a IDP border camp inside Karen State with no access to the medical care required for his unusual case of eye cancer.

Heh Kuh with Kawsay, FBR’s Patient Care Coordinator

By the time he arrived in Thailand, testing revealed it was too late for doctors to help him. So, he was sent back home to be with family. On April 11, 2019, our team flew pain medication to his village to help ease his last days. Four hours of flying saved our staff over twelve hours on the road, precious time when delivering such important cargo. Five days later on April 16, at only seven years old, Heh Kuh went to be with Jesus.

We were thankful to be able to serve Heh Kuh and his family through such a difficult time. We are praying our flight department will have more opportunities to help children like Heh Kuh receive the care they need.

Heh Kuh with his father after being sent home from the hospital